MPC Swipes -  Hand Cleaning Wipes

MPC Swipes - Hand Cleaning Wipes

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Swipes are an all-purpose cleaning wet wipes unlike any other cleaning wipe. They are designed to eliminate the need for soap, cleaners, water and towels; therefore, replacing leaky spray bottles and dirty rags. As a surface cleaner, Swipes remove grease, tar, ink, oil, hydraulic fluids, grime, spills, stains and much more. Despite its cleaning strength, Swipes condition hands with glycerin, aloe vera, jojoba, vitamin E, and wheat germ extract. Swipes contain an antimicrobial agent and have a fresh, clean scent. These wipes are made from a solvent-free environmentally-safe formula. With gentle cleaning action, Swipes remove drips and smears from many non-porous surfaces like tools, equipment, furniture, leather, and much more. These extra-large, heavy-duty wipes thoroughly suspend and absorb soils from your hands and other surfaces for easy removal.

Misco Products, Swipes Hand Cleaning Wipes, 10" x 12", Citrus, 90 Wipes per Canister, 6 Canisters per Case