GK Clean- GONE Odor Eliminator

GK Clean- GONE Odor Eliminator

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Green Klean® GONE is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate foul odors using a patented non-synthetic air deodorizing system that does not contain dangerous VOC’s or phthalates. 

  • GONE is simple to use. Saturate the sponge with water, open the pouch, and insert the white brick into slit in the sponge. Return to the clam shell and close the lid. Place the “Room Under Treatment” card on the door. The CLO2 vapor is released into the area attacking odors at their source.
  • Follow instructions, included with each unit.
    Once a sealed area is treated, it can be reoccupied quickly by simply turning back on the air circulation system and / or allowing fresh air into the space.
  • Odors are removed permanently with no annoying or harmful fragrance left behind.
  • Safely used in enclosed areas, GONE leaves no harmful residues


Hotel Rooms • Houses • Cars & RVs • Fitness Centers • Bathrooms • Schools • Locker Rooms