HUSKY 824- Quick Care Disinfectant

HUSKY 824- Quick Care Disinfectant

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  • A concentrated four-in-one disinfectant.
  • Cleans, disinfects, deodorizes and sanitizes a wide range of surfaces.
  • Effective at killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses in 1 minutes or less.
  • Effective in killing odor causing bacteria.
  • Able to sanitize soft surfaces such as drapes, furniture cushions and more.
  • Soft Surface Sanitizing in 5 minutes
  • Hard Surface Non-Food Contact Sanitizer in 15 Seconds
  • Inhibits Growth of Mold and Mildew
  • Kills Odor Causing Bacteria 
  • Kills Many Viruses and Bacteria in 3 Minutes or Less
  • NO RINSE REQUIRED on Non-Food Contact Surfaces
  • Broad Spectrum Disinfectant 
  • Compatible with the Check Mate Electrostatic Dispensing System
  • Enjoyable and Pleasant light Fragrance (Spring Rain)


    Recommended For Use: 

    Victory Electrostatic Sprayers

    Hard Surfaces: Bathroom Fixtures, Cabinets, Desk and Chairs, Bed Frames and Gurneys, Examining Tables, Wheel Chairs, Foot Spas, Garbage Cans, Shower Stalls, Floors, Cages and Kennel Runs, Coils and Drain Pans, Plastic, Vinyl and Laminated Surfaces.

    Soft Surfaces: Upholstery, Sofas, Chairs and Couches, Pillows and Cushions, Fabric Window Treatments, Gym, Laundry and Diaper Bags, Dog Bedding and Blankets, Car Seats, Stuffed Animals & Toys