Nilodor Odor Block

Nilodor Odor Block

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  • Odor block is a simple and convenient natural wick odor counteractant.
  • Odor block will quickly suppress odors in virtually any location.
  • This deodorizer will dispense more rapidly as temperature rises or when air flow increases across the surface of the block.
  • The odor block's media holds more than three times its weight in active ingredients for long lasting deodorization.
  • Duration and intensity of deodorization is controlled by varying odor block’s exposure to the air.
  • Open the package and place in furnace plenum, duct system register, on intake of carpet dryer, etc.
  • Odor block is a superb closet or car freshener.

Odor blocks are useful for controlling odors in:

  • Automobiles,
  • Duct system registers,
  • Furnace plenums,
  • Intakes of carpet dryers,
  • Small rooms and closets,
  • Fires Damage,
  • Smoke odors,
  • Cooking